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September 15, 2022



      When you sit, in quiet stillness, and close your eyes, to the world, in prayer, I AM there, you are there, we are together, as one.  And in this state of silence, with your eyes closed, to the world, you are looking into My eyes, and I AM looking into your eyes, and with this connection the eyes reveal, what is to be revealed.  And as you look into My eyes there, each one of you, will find your reflection, within My eyes, because that is what I see, and know, and love.  And because you are looking within My eyes, I too find My reflection, within yours.  It is the connection of The Way.  Look.  It is possible for Me to hold each one of you.  It is possible for each one of you to find your reflection, in My eyes, as we sit, together.  Let it be that you begin your day, closing out the world, created by man, closing your eyes, so you can look into Mine, so that I look into yours, and we see, we are one.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When Jesus walked upon the Earth, He said, many times, it is one, we are one.  He spoke of oneness, and completeness, and the mingling, together.  When one is happy, all can feel the happiness.  When one holds sorrow, all can know the sorrow of one.  Today, make the time to sit, quietly, in stillness, silence.  Close your eyes.  Look, and see.