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September 16, 2019


      For those of you, My children, who long to do great things, to step into a role where the mission is worthy, then hear Me; you have been given a great gift, life!  If you are living upon the Earth right now, you are living the gift I gave to you!  How are you living the gift?  Your life is a seed, planted in The Garden of Earth.  What are you doing with the seed?  There is no greater mission than to take responsibility to raise-up the seed of life into a worthy gift.  Do not worry about what others are doing around you.  Focus your intention on what is happening within you.  Let My ways flow from you, add to love, and peace, and kindness!  If you want to change the world, this is where you make the greatest difference.  Work with what you have been given, that which is within you.  That is the grandest mission.  That is the greatest mission.  It is possible for you to use that which you have been given, and in so doing being a reflection of Me, upon the Earth.  This is how you change the world, by reflecting Heaven, and all goodness, wherever you go!

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

      It is possible for you to make a great change in the world created by man.  And, The Way to do it is to begin within, and work with the gifts you have been given; and then, let the fruits of those gifts you have been given roll-out upon the Earth, and into the world as a magnificent harvest of good.  In this Way, you bring Heaven onto the Earth!  In this way you change the world with your presence, and your fruits, and your gifts!