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September 16, 2020



      Without thinking, smile.  Right now, smile.  Smile big.  Put your whole face into that smile, and hold it, for just a while.  Just by smiling, you change your looks.  Just by smiling, you change how you feel.  Even if it is ever so slightly, your feeling goes up, lifted on the curve of a smile.  Now, take that smile into the day with you.  Think of it often, during the day, and when you think of “smile,” smile.  And let it ride up your face, and light-up the space in which you find yourself, for a while.  Smile.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is amazing what smiling, the act of smiling, can do for you.  If you are lucky enough to be standing in front of a mirror, and you smile, when you look, and see, the difference, it is almost shocking.  Smiling is a sign, to everyone around, that you are eager, and open, to welcome the day, to welcome them into your day.  Smile, because that smile will move you to a happier place.  That smile will move into your workspace, your study space, your play space.  And it will be an open invitation to any who look, and see, to draw nearer to thee.  Smile.


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