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September 16, 2021



      Knock down the walls, and the barriers, that you have constructed.  Unlock the door, that you have firmly set in place.  Do not walk in fear.  Understand that, if you are within My Light, and My Power is flowing into you, with great strength, and might, it flows into you, and let it flow from you, because, My Power, My Strength, My Love, and My Light, is your protection.  You need not create walls, or barriers, keeping others away from you.  I can do for you that which you cannot do.  When you walk into a room, be so connected with Me, that My Presence is what others feel, and see, through you.  I will not send you out to do that which you cannot do.  And My Power, flowing through you, and out-pouring upon the Earth, will spread open the doors, the curtains, will separate waters for you to walk through, will flatten mountains for you to cross to the other side, will do all manner of things, if you will set aside all your worries, and concern, and go, where I ask you to go, with no barrier, no wall, no locked door.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Cast from you the spirit of fear, and doubt, and worry, because these energies, when accepted by you, are created, and continued, within you.  They diminish all that you do.  Take time, today, to cast these energies, and spirits, who create them, out of you.  There is much to do, but it will not be done, to its fullest potential, until you are free of fear, doubt, worry, and concern.  Cast them out.  Let them be gone from you.