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September 17, 2020



      Know the value of acceptance.  Accept, that which comes to you, as it is already with you.  Therefore, accept, that which comes to you, and in faith, knowing I will guide you, in quiet determination, move into the day.  Accepting, that which comes to you, will bring you: strength; and courage; and empower your faith, to the point, that you do know, that you will be guided into all the wisdom, and courage, you need, to move whatever obstacle is before you; and, to do so, with confidence, and speed, dispatching anything around you: by blessing every lesson, that is brought to you; by growing in faith, and courage, and strength, and wisdom, by doing so.  Do not deny a misstep, or a mistake, attempting, to cover it, with lies, or such.  Accept the mistake.  Hold it up, and look at it, and learn from it.  And then, bless, the entire situation, by releasing, all the negative aspects of, that, what is termed, mistake, and bring forth the lessons of light.  Accept, that which comes to you.  The truth is, you cannot deny it, it is with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Just as you cannot deny, when it is storming, and the winds are howling; just as you cannot deny, when the sun is shining, and the day is bright; you cannot deny: that which is with you; that which has come to you; that which is yours to learn, master, and do.  See that, which comes to you, as an opportunity: to practice what you know; to practice what you say.  Accept, master, and do.  It is how you learn.  Everything, that comes to you, can be changed: into an object of learning; into a book of wisdom; if you accept, not only that, which comes to you, but the guidance, which follows clearly, either: reminding you; or, introducing you to The Way.


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