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September 18, 2020



      Embrace My love, fully, completely.  My love: is flowing to you, constantly; is ever-present with you; is the purest form of love you will ever know, because it does not hold within it the possibility for being jealous, or angry, or manipulative, in any way.  It is just there.  My love is.  It has no boundaries.  It has no limitations.  It has no qualifications.  All you have to do is embrace My love, as completely, as I give it to you.  And once this is done, you will need no other love, because no other love will hold the heavenly properties of the purest form of love, that is yours, now.  You do not have wait to taste the beauty of My love.  But you do have to open yourself, to receive it, fully.  My love is often lapping against a closed door.  And, for whatever reason that door is closed, it is closed, and it requires you to open it.  Do not be satisfied with the bit of love that trickles under the closed door, or around the closed door.  Open the door, and embrace, My love for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The only way, that you will be able: to love your neighbor as yourself; to love your enemy; to give when someone asks of you, and to give freely, and to give more than they ask for; to turn the other cheek, when insulted; to walk the extra mile with the friend, who has sought companionship; is to be in the flow of God’s love.  You see, it is the power of The Love of God, flowing through you, completely, that gives you the power to love, completely, because it is not your love.  It is the unlimited love of God.  Today, if you struggle, trying to love, and you find it difficult to do, sit down, and be still, and open the door to all of the love that is available to you, from God.  Let it flow.  Embrace it, totally, completely, willingly, and you will taste love, as you have never felt it before, as you have never known it before.  The goal is to embrace The Love of God, and know it, for it is yours.


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