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September 18, 2021



      Distraction can lead you away from that which you are meant to do, can be strong, can lead you so far away, that you forget what you were doing, in the first place.  You see this often, when you are talking with a friend, or a family member, or a co-worker.  You begin to say something, you think is important.  Then comes a distraction, either from the listening party, or from you, and you veer off topic, and the distraction continues, drawing you farther, and farther afield.  At some point, you stop, and ask, “What was I saying?”  The same thing happens, in your spiritual life: even during your conversations with Me; even in your missions, and ministry.  The distractions of everyday life can catch your attention, and pull you farther, and farther, off track.  Deal with distractions simply, speaking, mentally, to your distractions, as if they are an unruly child, who needs to sit, be still, and not interrupt the conversation.  And then, continue your conversation with Me, or continue your mission, or ministry, without interruption, until distraction pops up, again.  And when it does, repeat the process, of setting the distraction aside.  Do not try to ignore it, with intention, set it aside.  In this way, you begin to learn how to master the energy of distraction.  If you put this practice into action, you will become so focused that setting all distractions aside becomes the natural thing to do, because it has become a well-tuned practice.  Today, begin to master the energy of distraction.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Focus on that which you are meant to do, and do not be tempted by distraction, in any way.  If you follow the crumbs of distraction: they will lead you astray, around the bend; they will lead you to a dead end.  It takes practice to master the energy of distraction.  But once you have it in-hand, once you know what you are doing, it will become easy for you to set all distraction aside.  Today, be focused on your mission, on your ministry, on your conversation with Me.  As you practice, you will master the energy of distraction.