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September 19, 2020



      I would like for you to know the joy of accomplishing your goal, the glory of completing your mission, without the spirit of doubt, diminishing, in any way, the victory, the success.  Doubt can sneak-up upon you, and make a sunny day cloudy, if you are not mindful of what you are doing.  Before you begin, set your plan, in such a way, that the guidance, and the direction, is sure, and easy to follow.  Mark your destination, define the goal, and carefully chart your path, from beginning to end, with clear direction, and guidance, before you take one step, or drive one mile.  In this way, when those around you clamor for  you to turn right, and the directions guide you to, “Continue straight ahead,” there is no temptation to turn right, instead there is confidence, as you proceed along The Way.  My child, I have sent to you The Holy Spirit, and The Holy Spirit is within you, offering guidance, and direction.  Accept it.  Do not be tempted by what others might say.  Listen for the guidance that is uniquely your own, and doubt will not cloud your journey, as you make your way Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not permit the spirit of doubt to rob you of the glory of the great adventure, your time upon Earth; for, I will, whisper to you, and guide you.  In quiet you will hear Me.  Shut your ears to the ways of the world, and you will hear My whisper, within you, and you will know: which way to go; when to turn; when to remain on the path, moving straight forward.  Just as you plan an outing, or a trip, let us plan, together, the greatest adventure, the greatest journey.  With confidence, be still, and wait for My guidance.  The spirit of doubt cannot rob you when your eyes are fixed on the goal, and you are guided by divine direction.