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September 19, 2021



      One day I will call you Home.  Your time upon the Earth will be done.  It is time for you to prepare for the call, prepare to return Home.  Most of you make preparations, and plans, in the event something occurs to your vehicles, your homes, even your health, and your life.  These plans, these preparations, are in the form of, what you call insurance.  And once it is in place, your mind is at ease because: your cars, your vehicles, are covered through the insurance; your houses are covered through the insurance; any illness, hospital stays, or doctor bills, are covered through the insurance; and even your life is covered by the insurance, so that those you leave behind will be able to take of financial situations.  You take all these steps, and even if you do not complete the steps, at least you think about them, you consider them.  I would like for you to consider getting your house in order before I call you Home.  For each one of you there is something, needing your attention.  Do not delay seeking someone out to say you are sorry for an unkind word, for some harshness that passed between you.  Whatever it might be, seek forgiveness, by saying you are sorry.  Be quick to check each place, which is requiring forgiveness, each person, each incident, requiring forgiveness, and offer forgiveness.  It is important to do, even when the individual really does not believe they did anything to require your forgiveness.  This is all about you.  This preparation has nothing to do with anyone else.  It is you, preparing to come Home.  Do not put-off preparing for what comes tomorrow, or possibly today.  Say what you need to say, do what you need to do, so that you are free of all the burdens, that are weighing upon you.  Once you begin, it is easier to do, but it can be a difficult task, once you pass back through the veil, and come Home.  Begin to prepare today, so that you are free, and light.  Unclog yourself.  And in this forgiving, and in this apology giving, do not forget yourself.  Forgive yourself.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hesitate to forgive.  Do not hold back on offering an apology.  Once you begin to do it, it is easier.  Your ego is pushed farther and farther away, as you go about making plans for the day when you get the call, and it is time to go Home.  Take care of these things now, while you still have time to invest in what will surely aid your passing.  Do not hesitate, be quick, with intention.  Do not be slow to say I am sorry.  Do not let the fact, that you have in your head, the idea, that the other person has to apology first, deter your forward progress.  Do it anyway.  Apologize if it is not accepted.  Apologize if it is accepted.  Forgive if it is accepted.  Forgive if you are rejected.  But take care of these things, for you, not because of others, for you.