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September 19, 2021




      “I AM with you.  I AM here.  Let us walk, together.  I have something I would like to tell you.  I would like to speak with you.  I would like for you to see the things of Earth, today, in My presence: so, we can celebrate creation, together; so, we can see the beauty, and the harmony, together.                        


      “Today, I would like to speak to you about the beauty of: harmony, peace, calm, serene.  Even the sound of these words brings a sense of peace, and tranquility.  And it is a good idea for you to work toward living in harmony, peace, and tranquility. 

      “It is not a topic many want to talk about, but each of you knows that there will come the day, when the call, will be for you to return Home.  It will happen, possibly years from now, possibly days from now.  You can prepare for that call, and spend the rest of your days, upon Earth, at peace, knowing you are ready, whenever you hear the call, because the call will come, from your Eternal Parent, perhaps a call, similar to the one you heard, as a child, when you were playing outside, and your parent called you home.

      “I encourage each one of you, listening to these words, or reading these words, today, to begin preparations, to clear The Way, so you might live in peace, all your days, upon the Earth.  Do not hesitate to forgive.  Do not hold back on offering an apology.  Most of you can give Me reasons, numerous reasons, why you do not feel you need to forgive, or why you do not feel an apology is necessary.  But I tell you, even in the making of the excuses, why you will not forgive, or apologize, there is held the seed, which is the necessity to do so.  If it was not necessary, you would not need to make excuses.  It is the ego.  You are waiting for another to forgive, first.  You are waiting for another to apologize, first.  And then, perhaps you will do the same.  Today, I AM asking you to do, in The Name of God, for The Glory of God, that which you do not wish to do.  Forgive.  Apologize.  Set The Way straight.  It does not matter, the response you receive, be it acceptance, or rejection.  What I AM asking you to do here, is to prepare for you, to answer the call, to go Home, and to be able to do so in peace, and harmony, and balance.  Do not hesitate, or put off, what can be done, today, to free you, so that the rest of your days are in peace.  Harken to My plea.  Hear My words.  Begin today, preparing The Way, to return Home.”