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September 2, 2019

      The hand which clings to material possessions, unwilling to release or let go, is not free to accept other gifts, other possessions.  You must release your grip to receive anew the material gifts that are given to you.  But, My child, I tell you this.  I can shower you with all the spiritual gifts, and none of these sacred presents require you to hold, and grip, and store in a box or a bank, or lock in a vault.  For, unlike material possessions, the gifts I send to you require only that you accept them, use them.  There will always be a place for them.  You do not have to lock them away.  You do not have to hide them.  You do not have to hold them.  My Kingdom is filled with gifts.  I send you My love.  I send you showers of grace.  I send you gifts, all that you need, and you do not have to hold onto them, you just need to use them.  Open your heart, and accept the gifts of The Kingdom of Heaven today.  They are yours forever, and will not fade away.  They are the treasures which you can bring with you when you return Home.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      Just watching children at Christmas, opening presents, all the gifts beneath the tree, shows you that it is impossible to receive one gift, and hold it, and treasure it, without putting it down to open another, and then the next, and the next.  This is not The Way it is with the gifts of Heaven, the gifts of God.  You do not have to give-up one to accept another.  You do not have to cling to one while refusing the other.  You can have it all.  Yes, with regard to the gifts of Heaven, you can have it all; and, you can bring these treasures with you when you return Home.  The gifts of greatest value do not require that you hold them, or cling to them, but to use them freely, to share them abundantly, and then gather them up and bring them Home.