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September 2, 2020



      You are the only one who can control your thoughts.  Do not permit your thoughts to wander into darkness, or shadow; for that, which you create in your thought, lives within you, the good, and the dark, and the shadowy.  And those thoughts, you feed, grow, within you.  You cannot see this, but you are filled with the creations of your thoughts.  Your thoughts of hatred, and anger, and revenge, and retaliation, will consume you, and bring you down.  But, your thoughts of light, and love, and peace, joy, charity, these thoughts of light, will bring you up, will lift you up.  No one can make you think “evil.”  No one can make you think “good.”  You control your thoughts.  And the creation, that comes forth, from your thoughts, lives within you.  Be mindful, of that which you are creating, within your thoughts, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The thoughts you create will either, lift you up, or bring you down.  Your creative power is great.  Be mindful of your thoughts.  Put your thoughts into check.  Make sure you are not fouling your inner landscape with your own creations.  Today, stop every thought, that you are considering, before it is created.  It is possible to do.  Today, create light.  That is possible to do.  And let the light you create illuminate all shadow and darkness, within you, so you might, see, and know, and take steps to rid yourself, of these creations, before they grow, within you.  Your inner landscape is yours.  It is yours to dedicate to light and good, or to desecrate.  Be mindful of your thoughts, today.