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September 2, 2020



      Whenever you are tempted to wade into The Sea of Excuse, stop, and turn around.  Go back to the beach, and sit on the sand, and let the light of the sun penetrate your body, touching face, and feet, and hand.  Sit, and be held, and warmed.  The Light of The Son will illuminate each word that was said, each deed that was done.  When words have been spoken, when deeds have been done, resolution is held in The Light of The Son.  The answer might not be what you hoped to find, but it will be complete, and it will be divine.  The Light will illuminate every word, every deed, shining truth on that which is good, and on that which is in need, of apology, or forgiveness.  Do not belabor poor choices with excuses.

And The Holy Spirit says:

     When it is necessary to find an excuse for something you said, or something you did, it is time to revisit the words you spoke, or the deeds you did.  You will always find justification in The Sea of Excuse, but this course does not make things right, it does not make things good.  There is no lesson learned in ill-chosen words, when an excuse is given, and that is all that is heard.  Forsake The Sea of Excuse, and its unsettling ways.  Walk on the sand, with your face toward the sun, and seek first the good in all that is done.  Be equally quick to apology, and forgiveness, for in this way you will know peace, and joy, all your days upon Earth.