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September 25, 2020



      When it is time for a change, when all indications lead you to know that it is time for things to change, this change must first take place in your heart.  It must be rooted in your heart.  You must feel the importance of this change that is to come.  And once you know it, in your heart, once you feel it, and live it, in your heart, then the words you speak, and the actions you take, are evidence of the change of heart.  This is the only way to guarantee a change which is needed.  It cannot be holding, it will not hold true, if it does not begin within each of you, at the heart level, at the soul level, at the level that your spirit is on fire, within you, to make a change, for the better.  It must begin within.  Therefore, when it is time for change, be still, go within, sit quietly, asking for guidance, from within.  The Holy Spirit is within each one of you.  And The Holy Spirit will lead you to the heart of the matter, and provide the truth required to make a change of heart.  Once this is complete, within you, you have confidence, and know, you have not been swayed by another person, you have been led to wisdom, by The Holy Spirit, within you.  This is the seed of a change, for the better.  It is held, in the whisper, of The Holy Spirit, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most often, I AM within you, but you do not hear Me; or, if you do, you do not heed Me; for I have been sent to you to lead you into all truth.  But to hear Me, you have to remove yourself from all chaos, and confusion.  Take yourself to a quiet place, and be still, and listen.  And I will speak to you, and I will guide you, and this guidance will fill you with the truth.  And, even if your heart has been hardened, through anger, or hurt, or disdain, your heart will soften, with hearing The Whisper, and The Name, of God, with you.  And your breath will slow, and become deeper, and as peace surrounds you, you will know.  You will know the truth, the truth that you could not hear, before.  Change begins in your heart.  I AM with you, if your heart has been hardened, sit with Me.