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September 20, 2019


      Each of you has received a great gift, and this great gift is given unto you by Me.  It is the gift of free will.  Most of you, most of the time, use this gift rather mindlessly.  Today, focus on this great gift you have been given, and see how many times in one hour, in thirty minutes, you have the opportunity to exercise a gift from Heaven.  Pay attention to how you are using this gift of free will.  Notice the choices you are making.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      When a gift, something special, is with you all of the time, it is easy: to take it for granted; to assume it will always be there; to not pay attention to it, as you would if it was given to you for only one hour a week.  Think of that.  If it were not so, as it is now, this one hour a week of free will would bring you to joyful dancing.  You would think, “How wonderful.  I can choose, I can pick, what I am going to do, for this one hour.”  Well, God has given you the gift to use every second of your life upon Earth.  Use this gift wisely, so that when you return Home your accounting, of what you did with your free will, will be a glorious story of your journey, your lifetime upon the Earth.