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September 20, 2020



      Do not just say that, today is the present piece of eternity with you.  Believe it because it is true.  You are not living outside the realm of eternity.  You are living within eternity, now.  Your body is not meant to live forever, but your spirit shall live forever.  When you pass, when it is time for your body to fall from you, you do not die with the body, you do not crumble, your spirit, the real you, rises-up, and continues eternity.  If you believe this, your life on Earth is different, because you connect, with the spirit that is you, which animates the body of Earth, and you do so, first.  You begin to think of your physical body as the chamber, as the temple, holding the sacred you, so that you might have a physical experience, for a while, and do good works, on Earth, for a while. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you begin to connect, first, with the eternal spirit, that is you, recognizing that you are enfolded within, the physical body, a new revelation comes to you.  And the revelation is, you have all you need.  The spirit that is you, animates, and moves, your physical body.  Do not get it backwards.  If you get it backwards, you will spend a lifetime of lack.  If you connect with the real you, the spirit that is you, and make the eternal you, number one, then you will begin to see, all that is happening, through your eyes of eternity, through your eyes of spirit.  The realization will change the face of everything, and you will begin to see others, as spiritual beings, wearing coats, and cloaks, and capes, of human beings, for a while.  It is all in how you see it.  You can see it spiritually, or materially.  First, seek to see spiritually.