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September 20, 2020



      “I AM with you.  Let us walk together.  In the morning, when The Garden of Earth is fresh, and the dew is still on the roses, as we walk, I will listen to you, and you will listen to Me.  We will walk, and talk, and we will be good company, you, and Me.  And we will share the beginning of this new day, quietly, as we walk, and talk, and pray.  


      “When you live with feelings of lack, your life is filled with shadow and darkness, because, as the lack continues to draw your attention, it becomes more, and more, the focus, of what you think, and say, and do; and you continue, in this downward spiral, raising-up lack, and attributing to it, all that is troubling you.  I would like for you to look at your situation, today, no matter what your situation might be, in a different way.  Set aside your thoughts, of lack, and be still.  I would like to introduce you to the real you, the spirit that is you, the creation of God, that is you.  And, as you meet, the real you, you will begin to see the eternal power, and the mighty presence, that is you.  And all this eternal wisdom, and glory, and light, is sitting unnoticed, unclaimed, unknown, because your focus is on the material you, the temporary you.  And, your thoughts, of lack, are focused on the material world, the temporary world, when you have within you the eternal you, when you have the ability to see, what is happening around you, from eternal eyes. 

      “There will be no fear, within you, when you connect with the eternal you.  And there will be no lack, when you connect, with the eternal you.  You will come to see that the wealthiest of human beings, living in the largest, and grandest, homes, with all material belongings around them, can still live in lack.  What they have, everything they have accumulated, is temporary.  It will not go forth into eternity with them.  It cannot, because, it has no spirit.  That which goes with you, into eternity, is your true wealth.  You can have millions of dollars at your disposal, and how you think of this monetary, temporary, wealth, and how you talk about it, and what you do with it, can change temporary possessions to eternal possessions.  If you take that money, and lock it away, and only open the safe, and look at it, each day, you are doing nothing with it.  But, what if you use, that which you have, for good?  Look at what you have through the eyes of eternity, and then it shall be understood that, if you have excess funds, or clothing, or cars, the excess, that above what you need, is to be shared with others.  You can use all that you have for good, thus creating eternal treasure from temporary, material, possessions.

       “The ball, you offer, as a gift, to a child, who has no ball, will remain in the material world.  But the creation of kindness, love, sharing, generosity, compassion, and understanding, created within the giving, becomes part of eternity.  In this way, Heaven and Earth, are as one, through that which is created by you, and this eternal treasure shall pass with the real you, the spirit that is you, and live, forever.  It is of Heaven.  It is of Earth. 

       “Connect with the real you.  Set aside the thoughts of how you look, what you wear, what you eat, where you live, and make that journey within to meet the real you, the spirit that is you.  Do not ignore the eternal you, turning to the ways of the world, which are temporary, fleeting, passing, and sometimes deteriorating and crumbling, even as you purchase them, and draw them near to you.  There is within you a fountain, of eternal, life-giving, waters, and it will not stop flowing.  It is there, and there is no end to it.  But, if it is ignored, you cannot enjoy the riches of it, the beauty of it, the fulfilment of its presence with you. 

      “Today, get to know the real you, the spirit that is you, animating the temporary cloak, of the physical body, you think of as you.  For when it is your time to return Home, your spirit will be set free from the body, and you will move-on, into eternity, and nothing will go with you, except all that you created of light, and love, and peace, of understanding, and charity, of compassion, of honor, and respect, for all that is good and holy.  Today, it is time to meet the real you, the eternal you.”