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September 20, 2021



      Within you is the doorway to Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection, where all things are, as they are meant to be, eternally.  That sacred land is not distant.  You will find it, by taking the journey, the first step of the journey, within yourself.  Close your eyes, and you can almost see, the corridor, that is within thee.  The passages of Heaven are within thee.  And, as you make frequent visits, to that place, within, you begin to find doorways Home, all around you, in the world, in the Earth space around you.  The key is found, within.  But Heaven is near to you, and it has always been.  You will find, within you, gemstones, and pearls, of wisdom, which will lead you safely through the corridors, passageways, and hallways.  And there, within, you will also hear The Whisper of The Holy Spirit, My Spirit, within you.  It is there.  All of Heaven awaits you.  Go within, and begin, moving down the corridors, so that you can see, and know, and as you see, and know, there will be much revealed to you.  And then, you will see, and know, and grow, in wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You do not get into a spaceship to explore all the galaxies, all that is surrounding you, above you, and below you, thinking you will find Heaven, in a distant, foreign place.  Heaven is within you.  And as you go within, you find the key that unlocks the doorway to The Heavenly Kingdom, which is all around you.  Heaven is near.  Heaven is near to you.  Heaven is with you.  Heaven is within you.  When the ways of the world tempt you to confusion, and doubt, worry, concern, anxiety, even anger, stop.  Go into a closet, and close the door, then find that chamber, within, and traverse the hallways, and corridors.  That is where you begin, and therein, you will find peace.