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September 21, 2020



     Release yourself from the prisons, from the cells, of shame, and guilt.  It is time to use the failures of the past as building blocks toward success.  And it is possible for you to do, but first, you must be willing to visit that burden, that is weighing heavy upon you.  Look at each mistake, or misstep, or ill-chosen word.  See it.  Now, make it a lesson.  Either forgive someone, or forgive yourself, but see the lesson, in the burden, you are carrying, and change it, from a mistake, to a lesson.  There is no need for you to try to wipe-out your past.  It is yours, as a lesson.  Valuable lessons are held in your past, but they will remain labeled, with words of guilt, and shame, until you understand.  You have the power, within you, to change that which was to that which will be glorious.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is time to refuse to carry your burden around, any longer.  It is time to put down the bags, and the sacks, of guilt, and shame, of anger, and revenge.  Set them down.  Take each thought, word, or deed, which has been the burden, and turn it into a valuable lesson, through the act of forgiveness, forgiving whoever needs forgiving; and oftentimes, you need forgiving.  Once this is done, take all that has been forgiven, and use it.  Use it as building blocks to a successful new day, filled with light.  There is wisdom that comes from forgiving.  Let it go.  It is doing nothing productive for you, now.  It is holding you in place, often causing you to hide your face, or deny the grace, that is flowing to you.  Stand up.  Let that cape fall from you, and be released from the burdens of the past, by turning them, at last, into lessons for a new day.