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September 21, 2021



      You seek answers, and peace, from books, from institutions of learning, even from branches of government, sometimes.  You seek answers, and peace, from family members, and friends.  You seek it on the highways, and in the country-sides, and in the cities, and towns.  You seek it in the deserts, and at the shore.  You seek it, but My child, there is more.  May blessings fall upon you for seeking answers, and peace.  But I give you the key to the answers, for you, and the peace, you seek.  Come, sit with Me.  I will answer your questions, in a heavenly way.  I will answer your questions, as we talk, and I say, to you, be still, be quiet.  For there is more you need to know, but you will not find it in the world created by man.  You will find it, sitting here, held within My Hand.  Arrangements were made, from the very beginning, so that you would know life, life which has no ending, so that you would move through every season of your life; eternal it will be, seeking answers between you and Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not give up.  Do not shake your head in despair, or wring your hands, feeling the answer is not there, for you.  It is, but it is within.  For it is written in Scripture, in the old, and the new, that there will come a time when all the children will be taught by God.  That is the time of wisdom.  And the season of wisdom comes to each, at a different time.  For you see, there is not one season of wisdom, written, and then done.  The season of wisdom comes to each, and every one, seeking answers, seeking peace.