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September 22, 2020



      If you were not taught to honor and respect yourself, as a child, it is not too late to begin to do so, now.  If you do not have respect for who you are, who you really are, My spirit, that is within you, then you cannot respect another.  When you respect yourself, the natural way is to respect another.  And, by showing respect for yourself, and another, you are honoring the spirit that is you, the spirit that is another.  You are not paying homage to your physical body, or the physical presence of another.  You are honoring the spirit that is you, and the spirit that is another.  The winds of anger, and hatred, and chaos, can howl about you, knock over trees, and destroy houses, yet not be able to touch the spirit that is you, the spirit that is another.  Respect who you are, and let that, same measure of respect, be given to another.  When the clamoring crowds have ceased to scream-out, a quiet note will float from the presence of respect you have given to another, and to yourself.  This respect, which you have created, this respect, which you honor, lives.  And its song is tender, and compassionate, and includes all because, each one of you is spirit, first.  The song will rise-up, when the storm has passed, and it will come from the lips of all those who, at last, have created respect for, themselves, and all who pass, on the journey they are taking upon Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There can be chaos, and confusion, without respect.  If there are traffic signals, set in place, and functioning, as they are meant to do, they give each direction of traffic an opportunity to pass through.  These traffic signals are in place to limit chaos, thus allowing everyone to reach their destination, without delay, in peace.  Without respect, for the traffic signals, chaos, and confusion, reigns, and it is only the mightiest who push their way, through the other vehicles, to pass the intersection.  Respect, is the only thing that, will allow each one to pass through peacefully, without chaos, without confusion.  If you look at anything you do, respect is the key, for passing through: difficult times; challenging relationships; and even, traffic signals.


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