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September 22, 2021



      The ways, of the world can be harsh, and mean.  Do not add to the harshness, or the meanness.  Even when you come face to face with harshness, and meanness, refuse to wade into those waters.  When someone comes to you today, find something good, or productive, within that person, and only speak to them of that.  Do not make corrections, or try to change something, that you really do not understand, no matter how close you might be to the woman, or man, or child.  Simply point out the good things they do, the talents, that they are trying to establish, within themselves, be it singing, dancing, writing, painting, whatever it is.  Bring the good to the fore, and leave the rest, at the back door.  I will take care of those things.  I will work through those things with them.  It is not yours to do.  You can combat the harshness, and meanness, by telling people what you see, that is good.  You will find there is always something good to say.  Work on that.  Seek it out, because the more you focus, on the good they do, that is where their focus will be, too.  Who amongst you, does not enjoy hearing, that you have done something, and you did it very well?  That feels good.  That energy, of support and encouragement, feels good.  And soon you reject it yourself, these other deeds over here, these other words, and thoughts, and you are focusing on what you were told was good.  Bring that to the light.  Put your focus on that light.  And therein, anyone, who comes to you, anyone you meet, will shine, in My Light, because you found it within them, and you brought it from them, so that others too might see the good in them. 

And the Holy Spirit says:

       When you notice good qualities in others, when you are free to say, “That was wonderful!  Look at what you did!  Look at what you can do!” you are encouraging each person, that comes to you, to go deep within, and pull the gifts they have been given to the fore.  Bless each person, you encounter, with the encouragement to do more, simply by acknowledging what they have done, for the good.  There is no need for a lecture, a teaching, a correction, just see what is good.