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September 23, 2020


      Do not let your heart grow weary, and tired, thirsting for kind, and gentle words, words of love, and encouragement, and support, for I AM with you.  All you need do is to be still.  It is not even necessary to tell Me what you need, for I know.  In our quiet time together: I will whisper, and you will remember; I will speak, and you will hear, and know.  The words of encouragement will give you strength, and comfort, and refuel your faith.  Come, before you are too weary, before you are too tired.  Come, so you might be filled with The Wisdom of Heaven.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are living in trying times, it is easier for faith to be shaken, to become disheartened, at what is happening all around you.  But, while turbulence may rock the world created by man, you will find peace in The Creator’s hand.  It will lead you within, so you might know where to begin, again, each day, taking one step at a time, seeking your strength, and courage, from God.  When the world threatens to buffet you, and knock you to your knees, the arms of God: will hold you, and draw you close; will support you, and give you comfort; will lift you up, where you will find courage, and strength, and be fulfilled, in The Light.  Therefore, do not fear the night of turbulence, rise-up, and be The Light, which devours the turbulence, and brings forth peace.