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September 23, 2021



      I wish for you to know the sacredness of your mission, the mission that is yours, and yours alone.  I wish for you to have respect for the mission that is yours alone.  Once you discover, once you remember, the mission that is yours alone, you will be comfortable in it, because the mission was designed, specifically for you, nobody else, just you.  Do not muddy your mission by changing and altering it, in such a way, that you are doing more what others want you to do, in the way others want you to do it, losing track of the original mission, that is yours, and yours alone, to do.  Some of you need look no farther than where you are, right now.  You mission might be to be a good parent.  That might be your mission.  Ask, and you will discover.  But do not seek other things that might look more interesting, to others, or so they say, than being a good parent, leaving the primary mission, of being a good parent, in a lesser situation.  And your mission can change, from season to season.  As your mission changes, you will be prepared, because the new mission, the new chapter, is specifically designed for you.  Do not ignore that which is with you now.  That, which is with you now, is your mission, for now.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM within you to guide you.  When you have questions, about where you should be, and what you should be doing, come, sit, and I will give you holy counsel.  I will listen to all you have to say.  I hear every word you say, for I AM within you.  I know your thoughts, for I AM within you.  Therefore, let us sit, together, when there is a question about mission.  And when you rise-up, you will know, you will remember, and you will treat your mission in a sacred way, and you will have respect for your mission.