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September 24, 2020



      If you find, you are pressing through each day, making everything work, and sometimes struggling to do so, without connecting with Me, without connecting with the spirit that is you, then you are operating on a third, or less, of all that you are.  You are choosing only a piece of the powerful presence that is you.  Today, connect with the spirit that is you, and call Home.  Connect with Me for guidance, for direction, and then, move into the day, one hundred percent, ready to go, and make your connection with the world.  Try it.  You will be amazed.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most individuals spend their energy, each day, trying to accomplish all that is set before them, without even thinking about connecting with the spirit that they are, without connecting their body with the powerful, spiritual being they are; and, I might add, as well, without connecting with God, seeking direction, instruction, and guidance.  When you put these things together, even the most troubling of days can be resolved.  It might not be the easiest resolution, but you will be using all of you, all that is available to you: The Wisdom of Heaven; the spirit that is you; and the body you wear, so you can manage, to get through, each day.  Do not limp over the Earth, using only a portion of that which is yours.  Step into who you are, all of who you are.  You are of Heaven, you are of Earth, you are a spirit, and you are a physical, material, being, for a while.  Use it all, for it is yours.