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September 24, 2021



      I wish for you to know The Way, the eternal reality of the way it all works.  No matter where you are, right now, be still, and recognize where you are, at this present piece of eternity.  You might be in the middle of a challenging lesson.  You might be enjoying a wonderful event, a glorious, happy time.  You might be in a grocery store.  You might be driving your vehicle along the highway.  You might be packing to go on a great journey.  No matter where you are, it is your present piece of eternity.  With no hesitation, I will tell you that the difficult, challenging lesson, you are experiencing, is one of the few things that you can carry into eternity with you, it, as well as experiencing joy, at an event that is important to you.  These things you can carry into eternity.  You can carry the lesson, when learned.  You can carry the challenge of the lesson, so that your soul, and spirit, knows it.  It becomes part of your wisdom, as does the experience of joy, it becomes part of your wisdom.  You cannot bring the cans of vegetables, or the box of fruit, into eternity.  You cannot bring the suitcase, packed with clothing, into eternity.  You cannot bring your vehicle into eternity.  Pay attention to what is important, so you are filling your wisdom chest with the experiences of Earth, not the material objects of Earth.  If you must collect something, collect the lessons, collect the experience.  They become the knowing.  They become your wisdom.  And this you can carry with you, your soul, your spirit, will carry this wisdom for all eternity.  Look around, no matter where you are, and sort through what is happening, so you collect the eternal experience.  The present piece of eternity you are experiencing, right now, has a place for that experience, which is unseen, but more valuable than that which is seen, such as the cans, and the boxes, and the clothing, and the cars.  Focus on the eternal wisdom you have the opportunity to gather unto you, right now.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The valuable treasures, that you will carry with you, into eternity, are lessons learned, laughter shared, dances of joy, songs, thoughts, prayers.  All that is experienced, by you, is valuable, more valuable than the cans of fruit and vegetables, and the boxes, and the clothing, and vehicles.  Pay attention to what you are collecting, and begin collecting for eternity, for all time.  Your soul, your spirit, will be filled with the wisdom you gained, through every piece of eternity you experienced.