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September 25, 2019

      For those of you who have ever had the responsibility of tucking a child into bed, watching over them, staying with them through the night, you have probably encountered a child, who had some level of fear of the darkness, and so they would ask you not to close the door, or to turn-on a light, before you left the room.  And then, the child would go to sleep, confident that: the light was illuminating the darkness; they could see clearly in the light.  To that child the light chased away their fears of what was held in the darkness.  If today you are troubled, if today you are concerned or worried in any way, possibly you cannot sleep at night, remember you are My child, and I whisper to you, turn-on The Light, leave the door open, for My light will illuminate all the darkness and shadow around you.  It will cast from you all your fears, worries, and concerns, and you will rest comfortably, and you will sleep well in My Light.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      So often, what the child fears is not the darkness itself, it is what they believe is held, or hiding, within the darkness.  Once the darkness is illuminated with The Light, and they see nothing is there, fear leaves them, and they can rest.   The Light reveals, illuminates, and brings peace.  And, the same applies to you.  Open the door.  Turn-on The Light. 

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