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September 25, 2021


      Come, and sit, with Me, each morning, before you begin your day.  In this way, you will carry The Wisdom of Heaven with you, and you will use it to address the issues, that come to you, the challenges, that come to you.  And you will resolve, each thing, that is yours to resolve, with The Wisdom of Heaven, rather than the knowledge of the world, and your day will pass peacefully this way.  Come to Me at the end of the day, so that we can bless all that you thought, and said, and did, during the day, so that we can seal it, in a sacred way.  Thus, preparing you for the sleep, and the rest you will need for a new day.  This is how to begin, and end, your day, sitting with Me, in quiet, and in peace.  And once you begin, to sit with Me, it becomes natural to you to resolve the issues, that come to you, with The Wisdom of Heaven.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       During the course of the day, you might speak to many people.  In one form or another you are communicating with many people.  And some of the communication has to do with resolving issues that arise, during the day.  But when you begin your day, and end your day, sitting with God, and when you bring to Me, The Counselor that is within you, to guide you, all of the issues, that you must address, then I will remind you, of The Way to respond.  I will give you the guidance that comes from God, and wisdom will fill your answers, your responses, your resolution.  The communication between God, and Jesus, and The Holy Spirit is what will keep you in peace.  No matter what you must address, you will know that the answer, that comes from you, is the best it can be, because it comes from God.  Begin this practice, and you will begin the road to peace, you will live without stress, you will be calm, you will be delivering answers, to the world of man, from The Hand of God, The Wisdom of Heaven, for all to see, and hear, and know.