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September 26, 2019

      One can use certain fruits and vegetables as the base for interesting culinary concoctions, ranging from main course items to desserts, and beverages.  However, no matter how grand the dish, how complicated or simple the recipe, the intensity and richness, the full flavor held within the first bite of a crisp, fresh apple, or a carrot newly pulled from the Earth is diminished somewhat with the additions of other ingredients.  The apple, or the carrot, when used as the key ingredient, shares its bold taste and aromatic character with the other ingredients so that they blend together into one satisfying, tasty dish.  Use your faith as the core ingredient for all you encounter today. creating a masterpiece all along The Way.

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

      One can learn a lot when cooking.  And, it is especially rewarding when the ingredients used result in a dish of exquisite taste and aroma, with the core ingredient sharing its character to the blend, lifting all others to an extraordinary level of taste, a level which could not have been achieved without the character of The One.  Today, use your gift of faith as the core ingredient when encountering and mixing with individuals, situations, issues, or occurrences.   Let your faith lift the mixture of your day to an extraordinary level.  When your faith is intense, aromatic, and enriched with the flavor of love you can create a masterpiece, a gift worthy to offer to a King.