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September 26, 2020



      Resist the temptation to raise your voice in anger, or frustration, to call attention, to something you wish to say, to a message you wish to deliver, because it does not work that way.  Surprisingly, you draw more attention, to the words you speak, when the words you speak are delivered in peace, quietly, in a comfortable tone, that is pleasing to hear.  If you encounter a situation, wherein you can see demons of rage, consuming their hosts, and fits of anger, coming from most, back away, because not one will hear what you say.  Be still, until the time is right, and then, quietly, deliver your message.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       A voice raised in anger, frustration, serves as a loud, roaring, thunder-burst, announcing the approaching strike.  It carries the warning of danger to come, injury, or loss of life.  When anger bursts forth, from the voice, when it is carried, on the voice, those listening know, the words following will be as a strike of lightening, a sting of lightening.  Therefore, they are preparing for such.  And in the preparation, not even listening to what the voice is saying, only seeking shelter from the lightening strike.  If you wish to be heard, lower your voice, and make gentle the word.