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September 26, 2021



      When one walks amongst you, who is filled with Light, who does great things, whose deeds are wondrous, and words compelling, you put that person in a higher place.  You feel unworthy to stand with them.  So, you assign yourself a lower place.  And after a while, you are content to be in your place, watching the one, who is filled with grace, move amongst you.  It is time for you to revisit the feeling, that you are lesser, and accept the truth, that it has been an excuse for you not to accept the responsibility of rising-up to complete your destiny.  Each of you is meant to walk upon the Earth filled with Light, to do great things, to perform wondrous deeds, to speak words, compelling.  Do not reject your responsibility.  You have the opportunity to be The Light, to show The Way, to perform wondrous deeds, and speak words, compelling.  Do not give it up.  Rise-up, and meet, your destiny.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be mindful not to fall into the rut of assigning special places to individuals, who seem to operate in a super-human way.  This can often lead to delegating those roles to the one who seems to have the ability to do it, to complete it, to fulfill that role.  But in delegating this responsibility, of being The Light, of doing great things, to other people, you are excusing yourself.  You are sitting down, when you should be rising-up.  You refuse to speak, when your words could be compelling: recognizing that all of this accomplishment, the great things, the wondrous deeds, the compelling words, are flowing from God to you, and they are meant to move through you; remembering it is not you, but God, working through you, will give you the courage to rises-up, and let God do what is meant to be done, through you.  Rise-up, and let God do, through you.