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September 26, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you today, to walk with you, so you might know The Way, so I might share with you those things that you say are secret, are a mystery.  But they are actually the sweet truth of living within The Light of God.  And these things are not held from you.  These things are available for you.  But you must stand up, and embrace that which is with you, already, without rejection, without hesitation.  Open your arms, and embrace The Power, and The Light, and The Love of God, that flows to you, without measurement.  It is constant.  It will not be taken from you.  These things I wish to share with you today, so that you might rise-up, and walk The Way, knowing it is God propelling you.  It is The Word of God, compelling you to listen, and hear, so you might know.                          


“When I walked upon the Earth, over two thousand years ago,
and moved into My ministry, that which Our Father had sent Me to do, it was meant: for those watching, and observing, Me, to see The Glory of God, in the miracles performed, and the deeds I did; for them to hear The Word of God, from Me, The Word God wanted Me say, spoken to them, so they could know The Word of God.  And I made no pretense about what was happening.  The great deeds, the miraculous things, were performed, so they might know The Glory of God.  And the words I spoke, which touched their hearts, souls, and spirits, were not My words, but the words of Our Father.  This I repeated.  And if this is the case, and if God’s Love flows freely to all, all of the children, constantly, you too can accept The Deeds of God, done through you, and pronounce them for The Glory of God.  You can accept The Word of God, flowing through you, and repeat; ‘These are not my words.  These words were put on my heart by God.’  This is not out of the realm of possibility.  It is reality.  It is there for you to do, if you choose to do it.  But what I wish to say to you, today, what is keeping you from rising-up, and doing everything I did, is fear, and doubt, that, when you rise-up, you will not be able to do.  When you have this thought, cast it from you, immediately, because that is a shadow spirit, trying to keep you, in your place, trying to keep you, from doing that which I did.  You must see this.  God is not limiting Love, and Power, and Light, but you are rejecting, the full flow, of God’s Power, and Love, and Light. 

       “You are being tricked.  You find it easier, and easier to say, ‘Well, Jesus could do that, but I am only human.’  That, My brothers and sisters, is trickery to keep you in your place.  Also, it is easier to take a lesser seat, and permit someone else to do, and to be, and to say, because then you do not have the responsibility of finding the courage to rise to the occasion, to be who you are meant to be.  This is one of the reasons I said, and repeated it, ‘You can do everything I AM doing.’  And The Way to do it is open and let God flow through you.  Hear My words, for the truth in them.

       “Do not be complacent any longer, because God is there for you to rise up, and do great things, because it is The Power of God, coming through you, so that you might do the great things.  And when the great things are accomplished, do not take the credit for yourself, but say clearly, this was done for The Glory of God, through The Power of God, flowing into, and through, Me.  This was how it was done.  And if people insist on accolades, and applause, for what you did, then remind them.  Well, you too can do this, just let God flow through you.  Say it.  I gave you the words to say.  I showed you the deeds to do.  You can do all that I did do, but you must permit The Love, Power, and Light of God to flow through you, to accomplish, what God wants to accomplish, through you. 

       “Scratch from the things you say, the statement, ‘I am only human,’ because you are using that as an excuse.  Do not waste your precious hours upon the Earth.  The time is now.  Make the statement, and God will move you.  ‘Thy Will be done, God.’  And then, be prepared, because The Will of God works miracles, when miracles are called for, when they are necessary.  And they are done for The Glory of God.  The Hand of God will move you, and the words that will come from you will be compelling, toward The Love of God, because that is The Will of God.  Be willing, to rise-up, and do, The Will of God.”