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September 27, 2020



      “I AM with you.  In great celebration, I AM with you.  As you begin to believe I AM with you, the celebration is deeper, richer, filled with sacred song and dance.  For in the believing, that I AM with you, you come to an understanding of The One.  You can separate pieces and parts of The One, but still, they are One.  I touch you with My love, today.  I touch you, and give you courage, and strength.  This communication, that we enjoy, is powerful, and will enrich your life, because that is My intention.  As we share The Whisper together, the quiet times together, we draw nearer, and nearer, and in that way are the example of Heaven and Earth, within The One.  It is easy to see it that way, when you think of it, Heaven and Earth, united in our communication.  In the words we share, in the love we give each other, we are One.


      “Today, let us look at God’s Creation.  When you think, or say, ‘God’s Creation,’ you look around you, and what is included in your thought of pronouncing God’s Creation, are: the magnificent forests; the wooded areas; the trees; the grasses; the bushes; the flowers; the rivers, and oceans, and streams, filled with water, that brings life; the sky above you; and the ground beneath you, and the animals that move over it; the birds of the air; and the fish of the seas.  All these are included, in your thoughts, when you make the pronouncement, ‘God’s Creation.’  And the awe, that you feel, is exhibited in the way you make that statement.  So often, it is pronounced in a special way, a unique way.  It does not sound like you are saying, ‘grocery store,’ or ‘laundromat.’  You pronounce it, ‘God’s Creation.’  And your respect, and wonder, and awe, are held in the way you say it.

       “It is time to include your self, and all others who walk upon the Earth, in that sacred setting, because you often hold yourself, and your brothers and sisters, from all the nations of the world, apart from that sacred setting.  It is as if you see yourself, and others, observing God’s Creation.  And, often you are, but you are, observing it as, part of it.

       “When you see, a magnificent tree, in all its wonder, reaching-up from the Earth, growing in the light of the sun, you cannot see what is beneath the tree, in the soil of the Earth.  Yet, you see, in the beauty of the tree, and the radiance of the tree, and the fruits of the tree, and know that, that which you cannot see, hidden from thee, beneath the tree, is good.  The root system is good, the soil is good, because the tree is radiant, and growing, as it should, in the light of the sun.  You do not have to see it to know it, because the part of the tree you do see is good, producing good fruits, growing.  And the same can be said, for the flowers, and the bushes, and the grasses.  You can, look, and see.  And, while not being able to see beneath, you know when beneath is good, because of what is growing above, in the light of the sun.

       “You do not have roots, coming out of your feet, attaching you to the soil of Earth, moving through the soil of Earth, feeding you up through the roots.  You are free.  This you carry within you.  The rich soil, within you, is your spirit.  When you look at another human being, and you see, the radiance, and the light, coming from them, you hear the words they say, and you see the deeds they do, and you see how they are growing, in the light of a new day, in the light of the sun, growing healthy and strong, you know that, that which is within them is good.  It is rich. 

      “You see, nature, what you call the tree, and the flower, and all around, that you always speak of, when you are talking about God’s Creation, is the same as you.  Your roots are within you.  And when you are, going inward, each day, tending that garden, the spiritual garden, the sacred space, that nourishes your physical body, in a way that goes beyond food and drink, that place is where your strength and courage abide.  Within you is your root system.  Tend that garden within you.  Make sure that what you are feeding your root system, within you, is good, is rich, is fulfilling.  And then, you too, like the tree, and the flower, and the grasses, and bushes, will grow, in the light of the sun.

      “There is much you cannot see, that goes into making the tree magnificent, the flower beautiful, the bushes and grasses amazing.  And there is much you cannot see, that goes into making you, and your brothers and sisters, all over the Earth, magnificent, amazing, radiant.  Life, the source of life, all life, is unseen.  Today, go out, and look, and see, and remember to include all others, and thee, in God’s Great Creation, paying attention to that which you can see, and you will know that which you cannot see.”


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