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September 27, 2021



      It is possible for you to visit Heaven, every day.  You can visit Me, and Heaven, every day, as you set a very special time aside to pray.  Be sure the place you choose is quiet, cut off from the world of man.  Be sure to turn off your phones, and clocks, and radios, and televisions, and computers, and find a comfortable seat, and sit with Me.  Close your eyes, to the world around you, and begin the journey within.  Close your eyes, and open to the possibility of this divine visit.  In this state, you hear Me, or you know what I AM trying to say to you, by feeling it, or sensing it.  No matter how our communication takes place, it is sacred, and holy.  And in that space, you are blessed.  You are visiting Heaven, for a while.  You will feel it on your body.  There are changes on your body.  You will feel your lips.  Your face will tingle.  Tears will flow, easily, as we draw so near to each other, and we are one.  Come, visit Me, today.  Visit Heaven, as you pray.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is good to pray while you work, because the prayer goes into whatever you are doing, and you bless it.  It is good to pray while you play, for your prayer blesses whatever you are playing.  It is good to pray often, and it is possible to pray all the time, blessing everything you do, even blessing a walk, or a ride, or a song, or a dance.  But there is a special type of prayer, which will permit you a brief visit to Heaven, and you will feel it around you.  This occurs every time you set yourself aside, in silence, and away from all the distractions of the world, close your eyes, and go within, to sit with God, to see what God wants you to know.  When you take the time to do this, you are rewarded.  You are held in The Arms of Heaven, for a while, and when the visit is complete, you return to the ways of the world, to whatever you need to do, but carrying the blessing of God, and all Heaven, with you.