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September 28, 2020



      Draw your strength, courage, and confidence, from within.  Do not rely, solely: on that which you know, gathered from institutions of learning; or, that you might be able to assemble, methodically, and quickly, that which is before you; or, on the friends, and associates, you have gathered around you.  For, there could come a day, when the voices of dissent out number, or overpower, the voice of consent, with regard to what you are doing, or saying, or thinking.  And, at that moment, it might be possible, for your confidence, your courage, and your strength, to be shaken, when those around you appear not to support you any longer, when that which you thought you knew crumbles, and your hands, shaking, can no longer assemble that which they did before.  Draw your courage, your strength, and your confidence, from within; for, I will not leave you; I will not deceive you; I will love you, always.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Even when it appears that no one around you will offer support, you will not lose your confidence in the truth, if you gather your confidence, strength, and courage, from the eternal truth you carry within you.  You carry Divine Wisdom within you.  I AM within you.  For, it has been said, that The Creator of All Things, poured out His Spirit upon all flesh.  Do not look to the ways of the world for, support, and confidence.  Look for the ways of Heaven, that you carry within, for I AM with you, always.