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September 28, 2021



      My hands are large enough to take the hand of all the people in the world.  My arms are large enough to embrace all the people who come to Me, all the people in the world.  My heart is large enough to love all the people upon the Earth.  My wisdom is large enough to resolve all the issues of the world created by man.  The answer, to every empty hand, longing heart, desiring peace, is yours, for the asking, for the taking, for the embracing.  Come, and sit with Me.  Take My hand.  Be enfolded within My arms.  Let My heart touch you, and My wisdom flow into you, and you will be at peace, for you will know The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are so many people, seeking answers, crying-out for help, for direction, for guidance.  Take the hand of God.  Walk into the arms of God.  Let the heart of God fill you, with promise, and the wisdom of God will be with you, will bring you comfort, will bring you peace, because you will know The Way, in the arms of God.