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September 29, 2019

      “I AM with you.  I AM with you in a loving way.  Sometimes, you can hear Me call you, in a whisper.  Sometimes, you know, just in The Way you feel, that I AM speaking to you, and guiding you in every way, if you will.  If you will follow Me, you will be at peace.  Peace.  My peace I give to you.


      “There are so many things going-on in the world around you today.  And, those things that are happening pull you this way and that way.  Sometimes, the words, the information, the data that has been collected, can be confusing, can be contrary, can be opposite.  It is all a mass of chaos and confusion, because there has become a science of knowing how to present certain things in a certain way to elicit a reaction, a response, from you, each and every day.  These are the things of the world.  These are the ways of the world.  And, My brothers and sisters, they have always been the ways of the world; distractions, a multitude of distractions, leading you away, away from The Garden, away from The Way.

       “Peace.  Just saying the word, or hearing the word, creates a vibration of peace, and you feel it.  The vibration of peace is soft and comfortable, and secure.  Harsher words carry different feelings, different vibrations, with them.  But, oh peace, it is as a soft pillow beneath your head, a warm blanket wrapped around you, a parent’s kiss upon your head.  This week I would like for you to experience and practice creating peace.  Now, while this sounds very simple, I can assure you it is not, because the world you live in is often not peaceful.  And, this lack of peace is the cause of so much illness, so much anxiety, so much stress.  You cannot read about peace and know it.  You cannot march in parades for peace and show it.  The only way for you to establish a peaceful presence is to practice the creation of peace within you.  And, as you practice creating peace within you, you will soon realize that you feel different.  Everything around you looks different, because you are seeing what is happening through the eyes of peace.  Do not allow yourself to be rattled, or frustrated, in any way.  Your emotional health, your mental health, your physical health depends on establishing peace within your being.  If you are at peace within you, then you are experiencing Earth as you are meant to.  If you are at peace at the core of your being, nothing can rattle you, because you are living with God.”

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