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September 29, 2020


      I wish for you to know the importance of two words: apology, and forgiveness.  When you put these two words into action, with sincerity, restless nights, and unsettling days, can be resolved.  Do not permit pride, or ego to detain, or delay, you from offering, or accepting, an apology, or from offering, or accepting, forgiveness.  Once it is done: you will find, you are at peace, again; you will find, you are no longer disturbed through the night, because you did that which was right.  When apology is necessary, offer it, or accept it.  And then, forgive.  Be quick to offer forgiveness to yourself, or others.  Your willingness, to do this, will bring you peace.  And, the more it is practiced, the easier it becomes.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Pride, and ego, can keep you from making the right decision.  When there is a disturbance in a relationship, between you and another person, it can be difficult to make an apology for the things that you said, or did, because your pride, and your ego, will come to you, insisting that you had every right to say the things you said, and do the things you did.  Many excuses will be offered: to keep you from making that apology; to keep you from offering, or accepting, forgiveness.  If you will sit quietly, in prayer, the answers, coming to you from God, will not include you had every right to say what you said, or do what you did.  Instead, you will be guided to push aside ego, and pride, and take the necessary steps to return sleep to your nights, and peace to your days.  It does not matter: if, your apology is rejected; or if, forgiveness is denied you.  This is not about the choices of the other person.  This is about you, and the choices you are willing to make, and the good you are willing to do.  Do not permit pride and ego to deny you the freedom apology and forgiveness will give you.

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