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September 3, 2020



      Whenever you seek sanctuary, in a place of compassion, and understanding, seek Me.  My arms are waiting to gather you unto Me, and: provide you comfort, and support; to speak, to you, words of wisdom, so that you might know what to do, and what to say, so that you are prepared to rise-up, and follow The Way, greeting each day, with confidence, and strength.  When you seek strength, seek Me, and I shall be your strength.  When you seek courage, seek Me, and I shall be your courage.  When you seek The Ways of Wisdom, seek Me, and I will teach thee The Ways of Wisdom.  When you are seeking sanctuary, you will always find it with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You might encounter days and nights, where you toss, and turn this way, and that way, not knowing what to do, when confusion, and doubt, enshroud you, and cloud your ability to see, with clarity.  In these times, do not rush here or there, do not go anywhere.  Be still, and seek sanctuary in the lap of God, for it is there you will find peace, for it is there you will learn The Way.