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September 3, 2021



      I wish for you to know the joy of a clear, and clean, conscience.  I wish for you to live without regret, to live without the burden of past events, bothering you, worrying you.  I wish for you to live without the desire for revenge, or retaliation.  To be able to do this, joyful living, you must be willing to clean, to clear, and to work, to free yourself of these burdens, which can be heavy.  Free yourself of these burdens, even if they are light.  Get rid of them.  Forgive yourself, and forgive, all others; and begin this forgiving process today, as it is necessary for you to live in abundant joy.  At the present time, you are dragging around regrets, worries, concerns.  You are thinking unkind thoughts of other people, and situations, and these thoughts weigh you down.  You cannot live, to your full potential, until you turn around, and begin cleaning, and sweeping your thoughts free of anything other than light and good.  You can do it.  It is possible.  If it were not possible to do, I would not ask you to do it.  Do it, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       In order to live a joyful life, you must be willing to clean your thoughts, your words, your deeds, your inner chambers.  You cannot live a joyful life, when your physical dwelling place is dirty, and cluttered, and filled with litter.  Someone must clean your physical dwelling place, be it you, or another, but it must be cleaned.  And it is the same with your thoughts.  Bring to the center, of your awareness, thoughts that are pure, thoughts that are holy, thoughts that hold a sacredness to them.  Do not go into shadow or darkness, as it is a maze of confusion, with litter piled-up, and debris scattered, all around.  If you dwell in shadow or darkness, that is what you carry with you, every day.  Free yourself of the baggage of the past, so you might live in joy, in the present.  And the best way to start doing this is the practice of forgiveness.  Forgive.