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September 30, 2019

      When dawn is breaking, and you are waking, I wish for you to begin anew, to find what you are meant to do, to seek it out, to look here and there, so that you are happy while you are upon the Earth.  You have heard, and possibly read in Scriptures, to be watchful, be vigilant.  And, I say to you again today, be watchful, be vigilant, for the signs will come to you to show you The Way.  You can walk through your life, accepting the suggestions of others about what you should do, and where you should live, and even sometimes whom you should love.  But, I tell you there is something specific for you, that only you can do in the way you will do it.  It is all up to you to be vigilant and watchful.  When it is time to study, study so you might have knowledge.  And, as you are studying, come sit with Me, and talk with Me, so you might have My wisdom.  And, with the knowledge you gain, through the things that you learn, and the wisdom I give you so you might discern, then you are prepared for that which will come to you in a sign, and it will lead you on a path divine.  But, it is imperative that you: be vigilant and watchful; gather knowledge; accept My wisdom; watch for the signs.

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

      Most often it is not the case that life upon Earth is the adventure it is meant to be, an exciting adventure, specifically  designed for thee, because fear and doubt hold you frozen in place; and often, you are willing to accept all the suggestions of others on what you might do, and how you might work and play.  Soon you slip into a rather dull life, the dreams inside you fading away.  But, if you will rise-up, and reach-out your hand, and walk with God every day, you will be led into a divine way to live, and it will truly feel as if you are in Heaven while you are living on Earth.  The dawn is breaking, and you are waking, and it is all set before you, the opportunity of today.