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September 30, 2021



      If you sit, and watch, a river, or a stream, it is refreshing, just to be near it.  But when the light of the sun, falls upon the moving water, of the river, or the stream, it glistens, it is glorious, and it is radiant.  It is shimmering, and it is moving, and the light is enhancing its beauty.  Your body is mostly water.  When My Light falls upon you, you are radiant, more so than the sparkling river, or stream.  Stand in My Light today, and see the day unfold, as you are the radiant light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Bodies of water can be, very interesting, mesmerizing.  But they are never more beautiful than when the light of the sun, falls upon them, and every ripple is enhanced, radiant, shining, and shimmering.  It is difficult to catch such beauty in a photograph, or even a painting, because the water is moving, living in the light, and it is a blessing to see it, to observe it.  Today, remember this, as your body of light moves over the Earth.  You are radiant light, because the water, that you carry, is in The Light of God.  You are more radiant than the glimmering, glistening, rivers, and streams.  The radiance of God will shine from you.  Stay in The Light of God so your body of water can be illuminated, a blessing for all you meet.