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September 4, 2019

      If you find yourself facing a most devastating situation, be still.  Do not reject My call, My whisper, to be still.  If you are angry, be still.  If you are afraid, be still.  If you are embarrassed or guilt-ridden, be still.  If you feel you are suffering a great injustice, be still.  If you are assailed with lies, be still.  No matter what has fallen upon you, be still.  Do not lash-out, do not seek revenge, do not become bitter within, do not hide your face, do not blame others for your disgrace, for doing these things will not bring peace; and, My child, peace within your heart, and your spirit, and your soul is what you need.  Therefore, be still.  And, once you have stopped crying, and speaking in anger, and recoiling from touch, and hiding your face, you will feel My Presence within you.  And, once you feel My Presence, you will feel My love flow throughout your body, and you will know, at that moment, that I AM with you.  No matter what valley you are called to walk through, I will walk with you.  I AM with you!  My Kingdom is within you!  If today you must face a most impossible situation, it will become possible when I AM walking with you.  You will make it through, and when it is done, the storms will recede, and you will feel the light of the sun upon you, once again.  Whatever you face is temporary; let us walk into it, together!

                                                                And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you face a difficult situation, do not fall to the temptation to move into such energies wherein: you lash-out; you seek revenge; you fill your body with hatred; you wish to shrink from sight so no one can see you.  No matter what your situation, the only medication, to calm the angry storm raging about you, is love.  You might not feel it from those around you, but it will come to you, and is yours, from The One within you.  Be still, and receive the love of The One who created you!