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September 4, 2020


      I wish for you to know the importance of being still, and quiet.  Stop talking.  Stop trying to get attention, so that others might hear what you have to say.  Look around, and it will be clear to you, that no one is listening to what others are saying.  Even when the words seem to pour straight from the heart, with a sense of urgency, and importance, rather than aggression, they are not heard, with the same intention with which they were said.  No one is listening.  If you are presented with a challenge, if everything around you seems to be in chaos, and confusion rules, then, be still, be quiet.  It is time for those of Earth to stop talking, sit quietly, and pray for guidance, and direction, and then, follow The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Far more is accomplished, after a day of silent prayer, than is accomplished in a day of intense conferences, and meetings, seeking answers, and resolution, to a problem, to a crisis.  The answer, and The Way to peace, is within each of you; but few of you are willing to sit, and go within, and listen.  Today, speak less.  Go within, and listen, for the answer to your prayer for direction, and guidance, and it will come, and you will know The Way to peace.