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September 4, 2021



      I call you to sit with Me, here, atop this mountain peak, where all is spread around you, and before you.  It is the creation of Earth.  Look, and see, and feast your eyes upon, seas of flowers, rich in color.  Look, and see, seas of wheat, moving in the wind.  Look, and see, the oceans, and bodies of water.  Look, and see, the towering trees, and the moss, clinging to the rocks, and the soil of Earth.  Look, and see, and know that, as much as I love all these, that which is set before you, in such beauty, I love thee.  Yes, as much as all of creation, the sum of all that you see, before you, I love thee; for you too are My creation.  You are as beautiful, and precious, to Me, as the vast fields of flowers, and grain, the oceans, and rivers, and streams, the mountains, the trees, the valleys, the hills, everything you see.  You are My creation, and I love thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are walking in nature, anywhere you might roam: sometimes, the beauty of a sunrise, or a sunset, brings you to tears; sometimes, the silence, of the forest, is as music to your ears.  All creation holds wonder, and as you see the wonder, you are held in awe of it.  Now turn that around, and realize, that all the wonder you see, is in awe of you, a creation of God, an eternal being, a child of God.