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September 5, 2019

      Every time you reject the temptation to be angry, or contentious, or belligerent, and choose, of your own free will, to be kind and understanding, you praise My name, you give Me honor, for you are choosing The Way, not because I demand it, not because I command it, but of your own free will choice you elect the path of kindness and understanding.  And, the same can be said for every single temptation you reject, choosing instead The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, using The Gifts of The Holy Spirit which produce The Fruits.  This is how you praise My name.  This is a living statement of giving the glory to your Creator.  It is choosing light over dark, and it happens thousands of times a day: what you choose to think about; what you choose to do; what you choose to say.  This carries more weight than anything else you can do.  When you ask, “How can I say, ‘give the glory to God,’ in a better way?” My answer to you is that you say it by choosing The Light, and rejecting darkness and shadow.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      Many of you gather, on certain days of the week, to come together in community to sing songs of praise and worship to the God who created you.  When you do this, do not forget that the preparation for the song is what you are thinking, and saying, and doing all the week long, before the gathering.  Celebrate The Glory of God by rejecting darkness and electing, of your own free will, to walk The Way of Light, and Peace, and Love.