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September 5, 2021


I wish for you to know The Way it really works.  I wish for you to know The Way to perfection.  As Mother Earth provides, for your physical needs, I provide, for your spiritual needs.  It is a union, of providing, what is needed.  It is a communion, so that you might have all you need.  It is perfection, and you are part of this circle of perfection.  When you were told, to love your enemy, the only way this is possible is to stay open to My Love, which flows into you, and let it flow through you, out to all you meet, friend, and foe, and family, alike.  In this way, you are being perfected, as My Love flows into, and through you.  And those, who are touched by My Love, flowing from you, are touched with perfection, as well, because I AM Perfect Love.  I do not withhold My Love from anyone.  I AM Love.  Therefore, that is what you receive.  There are no diminished proportions, except when one shuts themselves away from the flow of The Love.  But it is still possible for them to receive it, as it flows, from you, to them, with a smile, or a kind word, no matter what the relationship might be.  Your primary cause for action is to be the conduit for My Love. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The word ‘perfection’ is rejected most often.  In fact, you hear this statement many times, “I am only human.”  You deny your perfection, and your perfection lies in God.  But, when God’s Love is flowing, into, and through you, that love is Perfect Love; therefore, you are filled with The Perfection of God.  And that is the only way you can reach-out, and let it flow, from you, to foe, and friend, and family, equally, without diminishing God’s Love, in any way.  To perfect this act of Perfect Love takes practice.  You must be willing to stay so connected with God that you feel God’s Love within you, and, with intention, you let it flow, from you, to all you meet, because God’s Perfect Love cannot flow into, and through, you, without marking you, without enriching you, without holding you, in Perfect Love.  Do not reject this thought of perfection.  Do not reject the goal of perfection, because it is possible, when you are the connection between God and another; between God and you; between Heaven and Earth.  You are one in The Circle of Perfection.