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September 5, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you today, and every day.  I AM with you, in a special way, when you speak to Me, when you say, ‘Will you walk with Me?’  ‘Will you teach Me?’  ‘Will you show Me The Way?’  However you greet Me, and ask Me to stay with you, I will always say, ‘Yes.’  I will come to you.  And I will come to you, in a special way, as we draw nearer, and nearer, with each word you say.  Let us walk into this day, together.                    

“When you mention the word ‘perfection,’ most will reject the idea, that they can be perfect.  Yet, it is possible to be perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect.  When people repeat the words, I did say, thousands of years ago, regarding that, ‘… you can do everything I AM doing, and even greater things.’ there is also rejection.  You might say that I said it.  You might say it yourself, commenting that this is what I said.  But you reject, outright, the thought, that you can do everything I did, and am doing, and even greater things.  And it is through these acts that you reach your perfection, that you are perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect.  ‘How can this be possible?’ you might say.  Well, I will tell you. 

      “The only way it is possible is for you to stay so connected with God that The Love of God flows freely through you, without barriers, or walls, that you are constantly washed in God’s Love, in God’s Perfect Love.  And it is through The Perfection of God that you are made perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect.  And this Perfect Love moves through you, and it makes it possible, for you: to love one another; to love your enemies; to bless those who curse you; to give beyond what is asked of you; to go the extra mile, with your brother or sister; to provide what is needed, for others around you.  This is your perfection.  It is The Perfection of God, working through you.  And therein, are the miracles, because what God wants, you to do, and asks you do, and you freely do, using The Love of God, to power you, is often called a miracle.  If God desires the miracle, it will come through you, as long as you stay open, and let it flow through you.

      “Do not put dams, or barriers, between you and God with anger, or hatred, or greed.  Keep yourself clean, and let it flow through you.  I added, ‘even greater things,’ to that statement, simply because God might ask you to do something that was/is greater than what I did.  Do not shake your head.  Do not reject the idea.  Embrace the idea because it is possible.  If it were not possible, I would not have said it; but it is not possible if you reject it.

      “You must keep yourself open, and clean.  And you must stay with God all the time.  Then everything I said to you is possible for you to do, because it is God’s Perfect Love, flowing through you.  It is The Perfection of God that is the power that fuels you.  This is how it is possible.  Do not reject the possibility.  Embrace the reality.  You can, if you will.”