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September 6, 2019

      Take the time to let those you love know you love them, by telling them so.  Take the time to say, “Good morning, I love you.”  Take the time to say, “Good night, sleep well, I love you.”  Take the time to ask someone to join you in prayer.  Take the time to pick-up the telephone and let another person know you are thinking of them.  Take the time to touch those around you with the gift of acknowledging them, and your love for them.  And, while you are doing so remember, I AM here, I AM with you, I love you.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      Sometimes, a day begins, moving so quickly that you rush-off to work or rush-off to school, without telling those around you that you love them, and wish them a good day.  This can happen occasionally; but, do not let it become a habit, because you will slip farther and farther out of contact with those you love.  Soon, you will find that all you do is rush-out the door to work, or to school, come back home, get up, and do it again.  Do not loose contact with those you love, and do not loose contact God who loves you.  When you wake-up say, “Good morning, God.  I love you.”  When you go to sleep say, “Good night, God.  I love you.”  And, all through the day make that touch, make that contact.  That communication with God can quickly slip away, if it does not become an important piece of your day.

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