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September 6, 2020



      I wish for you to know love, as you have yet to know it.  I wish for you to know peace, as you have yet to know it.  I wish for you to know confidence, as you have yet to know it.  Love, and peace, and confidence, these things spring forth from within you, from The Gifts within you.  Once you establish love, and peace, and confidence, within you, that will be your gift to the world.  It is impossible for you to bring peace, to others around you, when you do not know peace, within you.  It is impossible for you to give the gift of love, to those around you, if you do not know love, within you.  Confidence comes from knowing love, living in peace, and sharing that environment, of peace, and love, with others, as you know it.  When you love another person, or an idea, or a place where you live, or the school you attend, you respect that which you love.  There can be no true love without respect.  Honor those you love.  Honor whatever you love, by showing respect.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Love, and peace, developed within, nurtures confidence, so it too might grow.  Because you know love, and you live in peace, there is no doubt, there is no confusion, no chaos.  You are confident, in that which you know.  Nurture the garden of love, and peace, within your being, and share the gifts, from the fertile garden, which is tended, and well-established, within you.  The element of love is binding, but not restricting.  It holds together but does not force.  Today, do not force anything.  Sit quietly, in your garden within, and be still, and God will love you, as you are meant to be loved, so that you might know the peace of love.  In this way, you will come to know confidence, which comes from the love of God, delivering peace to any who will receive.